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The Winter of Magic's Return

My name is Bill, and Magic the Gathering is a game which I encountered in the kitchen of my childhood home some time in the spring of 1994. My older cousin John had recently started playing a cool new card game and brought it over to show my dad and older sister Kristin. As they all payed I was confronted by dragons, wizards, and powerful beasts that were battling on our kitchen table. Being seven years old, I was immediately curious and asked if I could play. My dad quickly tossed together a black/red creature deck for me and I was off to the races. Though his time playing  Magic was relatively brief as a rigorous work travel schedule would soon take over much of his time, he instilled in my brother and me a deep and abiding love of games. In addition to this he bought nearly all the cards that I had back in the day. I vividly remember being stunned that my favorite card, Hill Giant, could be so easily destroyed by my dad's puny Royal Assassin . My brother, who is about the same a