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Gifts From Friends Both Old and New (2-8/302)

I spent some time in my first post discussing how I encountered the varied planes of Dominia back in the spring of 1994. My brother Jim and I started playing with my dad and sister, though after about a year our "play group" consisted of mostly just the two of us. We played together until 1999 and then took an almost 20 year break. While I will always treasure the thousands of games we played together back in the day, it has been really interesting and exciting having a larger playgroup this time around. When I discovered the Old School Magic community over the holidays I was able to connect with two local players in my area and we have been playing on an almost weekly basis since. They have been playing in the Old School scene for several years and have been truly helpful and patient as I dusted off the cobwebs that go along with an almost 20 year Magic hiatus. This is a game of imagination, strategy, and smarts, but also of camaraderie. I am certain that anyone reading th

The One I Already Had (1/302)

As I mentioned in my inaugural post , the majority of my Magic collection is comprised of Revised edition cards that my dad purchased back in 1994. I did, however, manage to acquire one card from Unlimited Edition back in my early days of playing. One of the old issues of the dearly departed magazine The Duelist included Camouflage , which was pretty awesome. Free card along with a cool magazine! Camouflage is an uncommon green instant that, along with cards like Raging River and Illusionary Mask, was deemed too complicated and messy to ever see reprint. For a forest you get to secretly rearrange your attacking creatures face down and then hope that your opponent blocks in a way that he would not have if given the benefit of...sight. I play-tested the card (as I will with all future cards) in my main G/B creature deck and as I expected it was a crap-shoot that hurt me as often as it helped. As far as the art/flavor goes, it is one of many by early art director Jesper Myrfors.