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First Purchases, First Tournament (9-10/302)

I officially crossed the Rubicon into the fun that is Old School Magic: The Gathering on Saturday, February 23rd. On this date Matt, Sean, and I trekked from the burbs to the cold city for the Cleveland Rocs Old School Magic tournament, hosted and planned by Rajah and the good people of the Cleveland Rocs. The event was held at Bottlefest in Lakewood, Ohio. The venue is a mead house and craft brewery with a decidedly Old School and fantasy ambience to it, perfect for the day's festivities. Before the tournament began, however, my compatriots and I stopped at the convention center where MagicFest Cleveland was being held. We did not journey there to duel with the many folks gathered for Standard play, but to acquire new spells for our various decks and collections. It was fun, it was dangerous, and I loved it. As soon as I walked into the convention center I was taken aback by enormity of it all. The gigantic room held more than 10 large vendors. These merchants were selling every