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Sprites and Monsters, Plus Dividing Our Collection (11-12/302)

Hello fellow Old Schoolers. When I created this blog back in January I had aspirations of posting about once a week. I have been adding a new post about once a month and that seems to be a better pace as it allows more time to not only acquire cards but also to report on other goings-on in my Old School adventure. Though I did not get too much further in my quest to acquire a complete Unlimited set this month, I have had a tremendous amount of fun dueling and brewing with my buddies here in the burbs of Cleveland. Those of you who have read my earlier posts know that I started playing with my brother back in March of 1994.  We saved our collection of about 2000 cards from Revised to Visions (the overwhelming majority being split evenly between Revised and 4th Edition .) Having all of our cards together was great when we were younger because whenever anyone wanted to build a deck they had access to the full collection. Now that we are adults this presents a problem, it would not be