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Powerful Black Commons, Some Thoughts on the Game (13-15/302)

Hello fellow Old Schoolers. I hope we are all having a blast dueling and collecting as Summer rapidly approaches. I know that my local Old School group is enjoying our weekly meetings immensely. Since I got into the format in December after a 20 year Magic coma I've made some awesome new friends, interacted with an amazing community, and rediscovered a passion that gives me a great outlet from the rigors and grind of adult life. That being said I plan on posting more regularly than once a month. I will also be expanding the focus of my blog. Each post will now include thoughts on another Old-School related topic in addition to the regular update on my quest to collect a full Unlimited set. Now that I have started to settle into the community I will have a lot more to talk about! Since my last post I was able to get my hands on three new cards, all black commons, all great cards: Dark Ritual, Drain Life, and Paralyze . I am running both Dark Ritual and Paralyze in my deck right