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Ten Gracious Gifts (39-48/302)

Goooooood evening Old Schoolers!!! Since we last got together the weather here in the Akron area has turned from torrential downpour to blistering heat, I've rediscovered the joys of eating cherry airheads at the town pool, and I am pressing forward in my quest to collect a full Unlimited set. I have almost 50 cards now and am having a blast going to local shops and conventions looking for cards. I have not made any blockbuster acquisitions yet, but every quest starts somewhere, and I do have a few rares and cards that were unknown to me since they were not in the Revised set. I am also enjoying the heck out of the three decks I am playing right now with my local group. Old School fun abounds in the Rubber City. I have been friends with my brother Jim since the days of MC Hammer and Trapper Keepers, but my new friends Sean and Matt came to me by way of Old School. They welcomed me and Jim into their world of brewing, collecting, and dueling and have been not only cool to hang out