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Looking Back, Looking Forward (49/302)

*** Note: Magnus over at the mothership Old School blog was gracious and awesome enough to post this article on the site. This is the same article if you already read it on the Old School blog. Thanks again Mg!!!!  Hello again Old School friends. Here in the burbs of Akron, Ohio we seem to have escaped the cycle of torrential downpour and heatwave that has defined the summer and settled into some nice weather. There have been many great evenings for slinging some spells on a patio with a cold one in your hand or taking a long ride to that out-of-the-way LGS you've been meaning to visit. As for me, I am spending some time outside on a breezy, sunny Tuesday  reflecting on roughly six months back in Magic after a 20-year absence. I am also sorting through the exciting ideas swirling in my head to chart a course forward. The Mana Flare my brother Jim gave me is also pretty sweet, but more on that later. The glorious sunshine... I mentioned in my first post that Jim and I p