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My 50th Card and Alpha/Beta 1,2,3 (50/302)

Greetings friends both far and wide, I hope everyone in the Old School community had an awesome summer and is looking forward to autumn as much as I am. I love this time of year. From Labor Day until the Super Bowl I am like a kid all over again. Football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, is all right in my wheelhouse. Another great thing about winter is the cold, snowy days. It is perfect weather for slinging spells by a fire with friends and loved ones. Seasons change, but my slow, awesome quest for a complete set of Unlimited Edition  continues. Regular readers know that my original Magic: The Gathering compatriot and oldest friend is my brother and fellow  Akron Legionnaire  Jim Casale.  He joined me in Old School within a few weeks of my meeting Matt and Sean in January. We rediscovered the game after 20 years with a box of Ixalan  a few months prior. He has contributed several great cards to my   quest  including the   Mana Flare   from my last post. At our regular