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Blockbuster Deal Leads to Major Acquisitions (64-76/302)

Hello again Old Schoolers from sea to shining sea and across the mighty oceans. It has been less than a week since my last post, but there is some big news out of Akron this weekend. Today's post will be relatively brief but filled with major news regarding my Unlimited  collection. I was playing this weekend with my brother Jim when I got to talking about my plans for Eternal Weekend. We were both tossing around ideas for what we might try to get while we were looking through each other's binders. One thing led to another and then something decidedly Old School took place: a blockbuster trade. After a lot of friendly negotiating I added the following to my collection That's right: my first dual land. It is by far the most valuable card in my collection. Now I have seen many dual lands before, but obviously this is my first one without the tap symbol. Growing up Jim and I had four Revised dual lands (Savannah, Tundra, Underground Sea, and Plateau.) Though it is of no

From Scandinavia with Love (51-63/302)

Greetings fellow duelists. Halloween will soon be upon us here in the states and nothing puts me in the mood for Magic: The Gathering like chilly nights, ghouls about, and stuffing my face with candy. I was going to (finally) post about my various decks this month, but then something totally awesome happened: I received not one, but TWO letters in the mail from all the way across the ocean in Europe. That's right, a missive arrived in my post box from the Scandinavian mecca of Old School. This was a very special mail day. Back in August, Magnus over at the Old School blag was gracious enough to highlight my quest to acquire a full set of Unlimited Edition . I have really enjoyed reading through his old blag posts and have come to appreciate the Swedish roots of Old School. While I used to think it was crazy not to allow reprints, I now see that the price of the cards is the only real way to recreate the scarcity of the original Gathering set and early expansions. While I am no