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A Very Special Episode of Unlimited Adventures: Scryings Spoiler

Greetings Old School community far and wide. We are getting ever so close to the big 2 holidays here in the states and I don't know about you but if you are celebrating Thanksgiving then I am sure you are starting to feel the same hunger pangs that I am. You may be wondering why I am posting so soon after the pretty big article describing my adventures at  Eternal Weekend a few weeks ago. No, I do not have any new Unlimited cards in my collection. Tonight I have the privilege of being a part of a radical, tubular, nay bodacious idea from our friends in Europe. On December 28th a new set will be released into the Old School community. How is this possible you say? Surely Wizards wants nothing do with us. Are those wild-eyed Scandinavians creating cards from scratch? No,  Scyings is being released.  It will be a collection of 116 cards from Fallen Empires through Weatherlight . Those of you who were playing like me back in 1995 surely remember the excitement when the first rumblin

Eternal Weekend (77-92/302)

Hello Old School community far and wide, greetings from the cold burbs of Akron, Ohio. Winter is rapidly approaching as we barrel towards Thanksgiving here in the United States. November means Eternal Weekend, and being that the Akron Legionnaires are less than two hours from Pittsburgh, Matt, Jimmy, Sean, and I decided to make the sojourn east to the iron city to take in the fun. This was not the first Eternal Weekend for Matt and Sean, but it was all new to the brothers Casale. When I found out our cousin John would be there, he who first introduced the game to my family back in  1994 , I knew this would be an excellent way to commemorate nearly a year back in the game. The four of us spent the drive discussing what deals we would be looking for at the sprawling convention hall. Regrettably, none of us could participate in the Sunday tournament for scheduling reasons so this trip would be all about dueling among ourselves and picking up cool new cards. Jimmy was unsure what he woul