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Three Akron Legionnaires Trek to the Columbus Kobolds Butterball Tournament (93-99/302)

Greetings duelists around the world, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving. The holiday season has always been my favorite time of year, and I can say without reservation that I am super stoked about Christmas this year. I love giving and getting gifts, eating well, and taking a few weeks off at the end of another wild year. I am happy to report that I kicked off the holiday season this year with a bang. My brother Jimmy,  Matt  and I represented the Akron Legionnaires at the inaugural Butterball OS 93/94 tournament put on by the Columbus Kobolds the Saturday before Turkey Day. Though we sorely missed our friend and fellow Legionnaire  Sean , it was a great day of dueling. I can say without reservation that the Kobolds are awesome, many thanks to them for putting on a great tournament and being a generally classy, jovial group of guys. Jimmy, his fiancee, and Matt headed down bright and early Saturday morning. Since my sister-in-law lives in Columbus my wife and I decided to make a weeken