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100th Card Spectacular!!! (100/302)

Happy belated new year to everyone the world over. It has become increasingly apparent to me that the little things are very important, and having a decade that is easy to say out loud for the first time since the '90's is a big deal. I wish everyone and their families and friends a happy, prosperous '20's! May they roar like a field of Savannah Lions ! My Christmas was totally bodacious and the wife and I spent New Years Eve with the rest of the Akron Legionnaires and much karaoke was sang. 2020 has been rough for me so far though as I got hit with a nasty case of Influenza B that had me down for a good week with a severe cough, a sore throat straight from the bowels of Hell, and a high fever. I am now back again, like Aerosmith I persevered through the hard times and am ready to conquer a new decade. Part of this good cheer comes from having acquired my 100th(!) card in my quest to complete a set of Unlimited Edition . What began about a year ago is starting to get re