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The Old School is Strong in Ohio (101-103/302)

Hello everyone, welcome to the second month of the Roaring 20's. I hope we all have had a great beginning to the new decade. My goal for the new year was two blog posts per month, however a bad case of the flu at the beginning of the year sidelined me for a week and then an extremely hectic, albeit productive, month at work kept me from meeting my goal. I intend to fix that now. I begin my staycation today and look forward to the Super Bowl, video games, and Magic.  One of the most awesome parts of Old School Magic: The Gathering is the various local communities that dot the globe. From our forefathers in Sweden to the groups right here in the United States and everywhere in between, the different rules, cultures, blogs, and tournaments are what set this format apart. Any time I see people get irritated about set legality or rule variations I cannot help but feel that they are missing the point. Just play with your group how you like with the cards you like and respect those w