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Just a Few Awesome Cards (105-106/302)

Hello friends across the world. Things are certainly a lot different from the last time we met. Like many of you, my wife and I have been "sheltering in place" (stuck at home, and rightfully so) here in Ohio for about a week now in response to COVID-19. My prayers go out to anyone reading this who has been affected by the pandemic, especially our friends in China and Italy. Hang tough and know that we are all with you. Sometimes it is hard to focus on other things during times like these, but perhaps now more than ever it is crucial to find ways to de-stress and unwind. I know that Old School tournaments are already being cancelled, but here in our corner of the world the Akron Legionnaires have gotten several epic games in via webcam, and it has certainly helped me to soldier through this. Keep calm and play Magic: The Gathering I guess. I've mentioned before that to me the coolest cards in Unlimited  are non-Power ones that did not make it to Revised. Obviously I am n

A Glorious Christmas Present (104/302)

Good morning and happy Friday fellow Old School players across the world. It has been an especially hairy month at work (I am a financial planner) and I have not been able to focus on Magic anywhere near as much as I would like. It sure seems like the sky is falling these days with the Coronavirus and the world markets. I hope the media in other countries is not as hysterical, misinformed, and prone to inducing unnecessary panic as it is here in America. If you are reading this from Europe or Asia stay away from sick people and let's all hope this blows over when the weather changes! Now on to more radical, bodacious things. My wife Lauren is a real boss lady. In addition to being highly intelligent and extremely beautiful, she also is always open to playing video games, board games, and Magic with me. Now I don't have any illusions of her coming to a tournament or even wanting to play Magic if I suddenly stopped, but she will sit down and build decks with me and then play fo