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My First Jailbreak (129/302)

Good evening friends the world over. I hope August finds you and yours well. I have found that blogging is a rather pleasant diversion during this, the year of our discontent, so I have been writing on a weekly basis. As I approach the halfway point in my quest for a complete set of Unlimited  I look forward to the time when I can play with my friends in person once more. I am also really excited for 2021, when I can get on the road and meet some new friends in this great community of ours. The cancellation of Eternal Weekend was tough, though I am cognizant of its unimportance in comparison to the suffering felt by so many this year. This too shall pass... When I think back to late 1994 when my brother Jimmy and I started playing, several cards immediately come to mind. Obviously Hill Giant, my first favorite card. The cards that jump to mind are inextricably linked to the various decks in my family playgroup: Dad's U/B--- Royal Assassin, Terror, Braingeyser Sister Kristin's W

A Necromancer Rules the Wintry World (127-128/302)

Happy Saturday friends here in The United States and abroad. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I cannot wait until The Akron Legionnaires can meet in person once more. I am also stoked to get to some tournaments next year and play with new people. Trying to collect a full set of Unlimited is both challenging and rewarding, but nothing beats sitting around a table drinking a milkshake or a beer while slinging spells with good people.  Another activity that has been a wonderful escape for me during our present crises has been Dungeons and Dragons. I did not encounter the amazing world of roleplaying until last year. I made an off-handed remark to Matt and Sean one time back in February or March of 2019 that I was curious about Dungeons and Dragons and they invited me to watch one of their sessions with Jason. I was totally blown away by the immersive, fantastic nature of the game. I didn't really understand how it was played or what was goi

On a Crusade for Better Gameplay (126/302)

Happy Saturday my friends across the globe. As we all continue to trudge through this incredibly challenging year, I find that the weekends are especially important to re-center around what is important: relaxation and Old School Magic: The Gathering. Summer vacations and pool days may have been wrecked by COVID-19, but The Akron Legionnaires continue to find comfort in the friendly confines of online dueling. As we continue to tweak our decks to find that perfect balance between killer combos and spicy brewing, ever wary of too much optimization, I continue to happily move along in my long journey to acquire a complete set of Unlimited Edition . My brother Jimmy and my friends Matt and Sean comprise The Akron Legionnaires. This year we were going to begin holding occasional meet-ups at our local gaming/alcohol/milkshake establishment, but the aforementioned pandemic foiled our plans. Like most Old School groups we strive for a fun, casual atmosphere. We also individually are always lo