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Some Cards Are Just Totally Awesome (130/302)

Good evening friends. I hope September is going well for all of you. Soon we will be entering those wonderful days of football, cooler temperatures, and the many-colored wonder of leaves as they prepare to fall to the ground. Autumn and winter have always been my favorite seasons and I am looking forward to the end of this long, hot, crazy summer. Here's hoping you all are as excited as I am for the coming months. Alpha/Beta/Unlimited was wildly successful for a number of reasons. The game was obviously fun and addictive, plus it was a fresh and unique gaming concept in 1993. Another factor in the amazing success of Magic: The Gathering  was how wonderfully evocative so many of the cards were. Dr. Garfield and the Limited Edition design and development team wanted to create a game that was at once complex but also accessible in terms of its setting and even mechanics. The set was top-down design at its finest. Cards like Fireball , Stream of Life , Armageddon , and so many others d