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I Have Always Hated This Card (131/302)

     Good evening fellow Old Schoolers. I hope that autumn finds you and yours well. I know I am not sad to see a summer without swim clubs and vacations come to a close! Even in normal times the final three months of the year are my favorite. I love the falling leaves turning into falling snow, and the holidays make bring me as much joy as an adult as they did when I was a kid. In this difficult year it's important to really treasure the good times and isn't that what the holidays are about? Well, that and horror movies, gluttony, and presents! Speaking of having fun I would like to discuss something totally not fun this week, though any time I add a new rare it is a good day. The latest step in my quest to acquire a complete set of Unlimited Edition  is a card that have always hated.      There are few cards that I actually dislike. My love of this game, its history, the illustrations, the lore, and of course the mechanics makes it hard for me to truly dislike a card. I can u