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What Is That Loathsome Smell? (132/302)

     Greetings everyone. I hope you enjoyed some scares and some good candy last week. Trick or treating wasn't really an option for a lot of people this year, but if you're like me you still ate a hell of a lot of sugary sweets and watched some good horror flicks. Onto Thanksgiving and the glorious feast which it entails!     So in addition to all the pandemic insanity I have been utterly jammed with work the last few months. I am by no means complaining, just lamenting the lack of time I've had for important things, like Magic and video games. That being said my posts have been a bit shorter, which is OK as long as I keep getting more Unlimited  cards on my long quest for a complete set. Although it has been crazy at the office I've managed to get up at least one post a month. When I started this blog at the outset of my quest nearly two years ago it was never my intention to take deep dives into the strategic uses of the cards, it has always been more of a scrapbook