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Attack of the Red Uncommons!! (133-135/302)

 Good evening Old Schoolers! I hope that as 2020 winds down you are all getting a chance to enjoy some relaxation. What with the pandemic still raging here in the burbs of Akron, Ohio I will be spending the Christmas holiday with my wife Lauren and our 6-month old Dachshund Otto. I will be taking a much needed vacation from the hustle and bustle...pretty stoked to be home until January 4th. Things at the office have been insane since I returned in July and I am even more excited than usual to sit back, enjoy my time with my wife and Otto, play some Nintendo, catch up on some movies and television, read a good book, and of course enjoy all things Magic! For this week's post (one day I will actually start posting weekly) I present three red uncommon cards. In my quest to collect a full set of Unlimited I have grown increasingly fond of uncommon cards. More interesting and unusual than a humble common, yet more approachable than the mighty rare, they represent many of our first encoun