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I Defy You To Find A Cooler, More Useful Rare (139/302)

 Greetings. It's a dark and snowy night in the 'burbs of Akron, Ohio and I am sitting here thinking about how many Unlimited cards I still need to acquire to complete my quest. I'm not even halfway there yet! I still need seven dual lands! I still need to get that first piece of power! Yikes! I may not have power or half the dual lands, but I do have a few things going for me. I've got moxie and chutzpah to last a life time, an excellent dog who at 6 months old goes into his crate happily for as long as necessary and sleeps soundly all night, a wife who not only tolerates me but actually seems to enjoy my company at times, and the spell that those of us in the enlightened class recognize as the most powerful blue card ever printed: Magical Hack . What can't it do? Opponent playing mono white and you want to sweep the board? Easy, just cast Living Lands , interrupt it with the 'Hack to make it turn plains into 1/1 creatures, then cast Earthquake  and whammy your

Nothing Too Exciting, Just Moving Along (137-138/302)

Good evening everyone. I hope 2021 finds you all safe, healthy, and happy. It's been a bit of a wild ride here in the United States so far but The Akron Legionnaires continue to sling spells over Whereby and I continue on my noble quest for a full set of Unlimited .  Last week  I started off the year with a bang by showing off my new Scrubland. Since we could all use a little less excitement this week after the craziness in the news I decided to take it easy and write a short post about a few uncommons I acquired: I have always been enamored with Air Elemental . Not only am I currently running two in my killer deck, I also loved it when I first started playing. It was so obviously powerful yet approachable. A simple yet ruthless flying killer. The illustration is really cool and the flavor text is fun...though I feel it does not do enough to convey her hotness. It does mention her "whimsy," but I feel like she is a femme fatale of the air and that ought to be addressed. L

2021: Gotta Have Goals (136/302)

2021. In the words of 70's pop singer Barry Manilow "It looks like we made it." Like nearly every one I am elated to see 2020 pass into the dustbin of history. I cannot wait to get back out into the world again as soon as it is safe to do so, hopefully by summer. Aside from seeing family and whatnot, my biggest hope is that I will get back to the local gaming pub and finally sling spells in person once more. Thank God for Whereby, but I do miss in-person Magic mightily. Here's to all the doctors, scientists, and front line workers who have worked tirelessly to get us through this madness and back to normal. It's hard to believe that I started this blog all the way back in  January of 2019 . I had just gotten back into Magic about a month earlier after over 20 years out of the game and decided to start collecting a complete set of Unlimited Edition . I knew then that it would be an arduous, multi-year quest. Since then I have managed to get 136 of the 302 cards I w