I Defy You To Find A Cooler, More Useful Rare (139/302)

 Greetings. It's a dark and snowy night in the 'burbs of Akron, Ohio and I am sitting here thinking about how many Unlimited cards I still need to acquire to complete my quest. I'm not even halfway there yet! I still need seven dual lands! I still need to get that first piece of power! Yikes! I may not have power or half the dual lands, but I do have a few things going for me. I've got moxie and chutzpah to last a life time, an excellent dog who at 6 months old goes into his crate happily for as long as necessary and sleeps soundly all night, a wife who not only tolerates me but actually seems to enjoy my company at times, and the spell that those of us in the enlightened class recognize as the most powerful blue card ever printed:

Magical Hack. What can't it do? Opponent playing mono white and you want to sweep the board? Easy, just cast Living Lands, interrupt it with the 'Hack to make it turn plains into 1/1 creatures, then cast Earthquake and whammy your set! That Mountain Yeti not as killer against your mountain-less adversary? Well thank God for Magical Hack because now it's a damned Swamp Yeti! But wait, there's more. There is that ultimate, killer combo. Wouldn't Karma be totally broken if it worked on any player, even those who don't use black? MAGICAL HACK!!!!!

They can't all be dual lands, Chaos Orbs, or Lich. Sometimes the rare you pull is Magical Hack. I for one am glad I play with a group of people that so fully embrace the kitchen table ideal that some of those whack combos above would actually win a few games. And for the record I've always loved the drawing on this card, I feel like the pictured hack is trying so hard to break the meta...stay well folks.



  1. I use it instead of phantasmal terrain in my merfolk deck. It’s kinda sweet to turn my opponents mountain into a island (but still a mountain I guess). Nondisenchantable as well!


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