I Guess I'll Do Nothing (141/302)

Greetings and salutations everyone. I hope that where ever you happen to be as you read this you are doing well. It dawned on me that today is exactly one year to the day that I last didn't think of COVID-19 actively. I kept a log at the beginning as things got crazy here in the United States and it was February 26th that I went to the store and bought a bunch of food and supplies in anticipation of not being able to go anywhere for "a few weeks". I remember in mid-March thinking it was outlandish saying out loud that we would be dealing with this thing after Memorial Day...and here we are a year later almost wearing masks and not playing Magic in person. It's been hard, but I am thankful my loved ones and I have stayed healthy and I sincerely hope the same goes for you. I am also thankful that I live in a time when there are technology options available that make playing Magic possible when meeting in person is potentially hazardous. It really helped keep me sane. The card about which I am posting today does the opposite...it drives on to madness.

It is always a fun post when I get to write about a new rare, especially one as powerful and cool as this one, which coincidentally is quite appropriate for the weather here in Akron and much of the midwest and northeast. It was a birthday present from my brother and fellow Akron Legionnaire Jimmy. He has been really supportive of my quest to collect a full set of Unlimited and uses any opportunity he can to gift me something, sometimes just for the heck of it. This year when the letter came to me I opened it and was surprised to see the fierce controlling bear of the Winter Orb staring me in the face. 

 Now this was a surprising card to receive. Jimmy abhors control decks with a vengeance. His killer deck is a r/g creature deck that features Kird Apes, Dragon Whelps, and Berserks. My main killer deck is a blue control deck with a fair amount of creatures in it. Perhaps he got this for me just because of how utterly cool it looks and for the fact that we never had it growing up in our Revised collection. Either way I have no intention of using it in a deck. My only experience with it was when I got my ass whooped by Jon Revell at the Columbus Kobolds Butterball Tournament back in November 2019 (man I hope that comes back, maybe next year). He was running a spicy land destruction deck that eventually won with Winter Orb. Now the deck was not powered or anything, but I distinctly remember saying "I guess I'll do nothing" several times on my way to a 2-1 set loss. This card is so cool because of just how seismically it alters the game, and that was one of the most amazing things about Magic back in the day, that there were these cards that just completely changed all the rules. Now Winter Orb doesn't make for the most fun game of Magic, but I respect it. Not only that I just love that artwork so very much, especially the one bear chilling in the background.

That's all for now folks. The recent surge in prices will make this quest a bit more challenging, but that is OK this was always gonna be a multi-year event. I really hope I can play with my buddies in person this summer and maybe get to tournaments again next year. We will see. Stay safe everyone.



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