It Was Pretty Much Everyone's Favorite Card Back In The Day (140/302)

Greetings everyone. February is here, and in Northeast Ohio that means we are either 6 weeks away from beautiful summer weather or another blizzard. Right now we are getting a small taste of the Nor'easter pounding the New York metropolitan area so I figured why not write another post? I've actually managed to post a lot thus far (4th post of 2021!!) and am really enjoying my quest right now. I find it a lot more enjoyable writing shorter posts more often and really getting to savor each card. As we all watch prices skyrocket I may have to modify some of my goals this year, but no matter what the journey will be fun.

After last week's exciting look at the immense power of Magical Hack, this week I will be shining a light on a much cooler card, perhaps the most iconic card in all of Old School. I know that is a lofty claim and many will scoff at my idea that a non-power, oft reprinted creature is the most iconic card of 1993 and 1994, but I stand by my assertion. Basically no one back in the day had power and we all thought dual lands were worthless. Everyone wanted creatures, the bigger the better, and no creature was as cool to us as the mighty Shivan Dragon.

Now mind you I did not play red back in those days, that was my brother Jimmy's color as part of his red/green deck. When he would get that cruel beast down I knew it was basically game over. In those heady days of inefficient, janky kitchen table decks there was little removal or card drawing and creatures ruled the planes of Dominia. My beast creature in those days was a Sengir Vampire and Nosferatu is no match for that firebreathing monster.

I've always adored this card. Melissa Benson's art always had a really cool airbrushed quality to it and I appreciated many of the cards with that funky symbol in the illustration that even at a young age I realized meant it was drawn be her before I saw the name at the bottom. I like how rather than emphasizing the fire which would be obvious she chose to convey his enormous size. He's gonna stomp you!! Who needs fire?? I mean seriously though a 5/5 flyer with firebreathing is going to win the game almost immediately. Since you were able to cast it you presumably have enough mana to pump him up to an 8/5 or 9/5 (perhaps bigger) and someone is going to get scorched. That someone was me.

I hope 2021 finds you all healthy and happy thus far. Take care.



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