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May the Force Be with You (144/302)

 Greetings fellow magic players. I hope the spring finds you happy and healthy. Here in Akron, Ohio the rain is coming down quite a bit (snow today even) and our lawns should look amazing the summer! I am doing well lately. Both my wife and I plus our entire families are now fully vaccinated and it has been absolutely wonderful enjoying everyone's company once again. This also includes the return of in-person Magic for The Akron Legionnaires, most of whom gathered a few days ago with our newest member Greg for an awesome night of dueling (we will see Sean very soon)! I cannot wait for our first Legionnaire tournament in over a year this coming weekend. I am also glad that work is finally starting to calm down a bit. Last month was the first month since I started my quest in January of 2019 that I failed to make a post, but fear not a card was acquired, and a mighty one it was. Oh baby. Along with Shivan Dragon and Lord of the Pit this was the biggest, baddest dude on the planet bac