May the Force Be with You (144/302)

 Greetings fellow magic players. I hope the spring finds you happy and healthy. Here in Akron, Ohio the rain is coming down quite a bit (snow today even) and our lawns should look amazing the summer! I am doing well lately. Both my wife and I plus our entire families are now fully vaccinated and it has been absolutely wonderful enjoying everyone's company once again. This also includes the return of in-person Magic for The Akron Legionnaires, most of whom gathered a few days ago with our newest member Greg for an awesome night of dueling (we will see Sean very soon)! I cannot wait for our first Legionnaire tournament in over a year this coming weekend. I am also glad that work is finally starting to calm down a bit. Last month was the first month since I started my quest in January of 2019 that I failed to make a post, but fear not a card was acquired, and a mighty one it was.

Oh baby. Along with Shivan Dragon and Lord of the Pit this was the biggest, baddest dude on the planet back in 1994. My brother Jimmy had one in his G/R deck back then and when he finally got it out it was lights out for me. This card, like so many others from the original set, is just so purely evocative in every way. It's literally a force of nature, its power comes from the forest from which it arises, so of course one must pay the upkeep of four forests a turn or it will mess you up. I love that it can still attack even if you don't pay its if one gets out ahead and somehow loses the ability to pay the upkeep victory is still in reach. It also makes for a very interesting calculation as a blue player. Do I Control Magic the Force? Do I dare? I always really liked the illustration on this card also. It is so friggin menacing with those red eyes and that dark mouth. His neck would put Lou Ferrigno's to shame!!

Another really cool part of getting this card is I now finally have a completed binder page in my Unlimited binder:

That feels really cool to me. All of these cards just mean so very much to me. People ask me if I've been tempted to sell out since prices have exploded upwards and I say no every time. I am on a quest, and though the timeline has now been extended substantially I press on. Like the unnamed player in the arcade game Revolution X who fought through insane odds against the evil New Order Nation to save Aerosmith, hot chicks, and Rock and Roll, I fight. I am getting very close to the halfway point, so expect something quite cool from me soon. Thanks for reading.



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